Better for Dark Ambient

Do you see analog or digital as being the “better” technique for creation of dark ambient music?

DMP: No, I do not. I use both depending on my concept for the composition, what the composition needs as I start creating it and my objectives for my listeners.

My passion is dark ambient music. So, if I couldn’t use digital I would use analog. If I couldn’t use analog I would use digital. If I had nothing, I would play dark ambient with objects around me, until I got the most basic equipment to start recording it.

My starting studio for making dark ambient music would cost around $200.00 dollars: TASCAM DP-006 6-Track Digital Pocketstudio, headphones, chord, and a Samson Go Microphone. I would then build it out for there.

The bottom line is: If you are passionate about creating dark ambient music you will find a way to, whether it is analog or digital. The “better” technique is to create.