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Dark Monk Productions

Dark Monk Productions Art Priestt

Dark Monk Productions is a single owner operated studio that has been creating dark ambient music, since the 80’s. DMP creates in five wide-ranging strains of dark ambient music: Classic (ambient industrial), Auto-generative (self creating),  Deep (meditative, primal), Mythic (sci-fi, fantasy) and Esoteric (brain states, OBE). DMP, over time, will be releasing past compositions, recreating lost works and producing new dark ambient music for your enjoyment and entertainment.

We are excited to have persuaded this reclusive and obscure musician to publish his private metaphysical musical wanderings to you, the listener. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do. – The Arm Twisters

Dark Monk Productions studio works with both analog and digital instruments, recording and creation of dark ambient music. New releases will be found on this website, along with, DMP’s designs; visual imagery, divination devices and mind distractions, which will also be available to you from this site.

DMP also what’s to hear from you, with any questions you my have. Please feel free to contact DMP about the creation, insights or your interaction with dark ambient music.