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Dark  Monk Productions gives your music the clarity, dynamics and levels to compete in the music marketplace and be successful.

The art and science of mastering will strengthen the concepts for your song and enhance the vision of your creation. It is very important for us to understand your intentions for the music,  your audience and the platforms your music will be played on, so we can focus and give life to the bass, treble. punch, sheen and direction of your music.

We specialize in mastering Ambient Music: Dark ambient, ambient, space music, deep listening, film scores, dreampunk, drone music, trace, psydub, EDM, deathdream and ambient techno, house, industrial and dub…

Yes, we’ve mastered hundreds of songs in all genres, and if you are:

  • Intensely passionate about your music
  • Don’t need your master overnight
  • Don’t want an assembly line or cookie cutter approach to mastering
  • And love personalized service

We are absolutely the right mastering services for you, and would  love to work with you and master your music.


Here are some answers to questions you might have:

What are the steps I need to take?

5 Easy steps:

  1. Fill out the contact form.
  2. I’ll send you an email with the upload link for your music and get some further details about your song.
  3. Upload your music.
  4. I will listen to your song and send a link for payment and possibly ask you some questions or give you thoughts about the mix.
  5.  Once the payment is made and your approval is given, the mastering process will begin.


$60 – per one song (10 minutes or under).

$50 – per song for albums (4 songs minimum).

For music longer than 10 minutes pricing will depend on the sonic and dynamic differences between various sections of that composition. I will give you an exact price upon listing to the piece.

For example: A piece like Brian Eno’s Neroli (almost an hour long) would cost $60, because it is the same sonically and dynamically through the entire piece.  A piece like Tenebrous Geomancy of Diophantine (1 hour long) is in three parts, where the first and last sections sonically and dynamically the same, so that piece costs was $120.

What kind of file do I send?

A Wave file at the minimum of 16-bit and 44.1 kHz.

How long will it take to master my music?

My turn around time is usually 3 days, after you give me the go ahead. If the music has sonic and dynamic problems that can not be fix by remixing it, it could take 3-5 days. Albums and pieces that are longer than 10 mins with multiple varying sections could take between 3-7 days.

Since I am not a assembly line mastering service I only book one client at a time. I really like to live with your music to give it the best sound possible.


I usually master your song, until you are happy with it, for no additional charge. Re-Mastering is done for free for the mix you have give approval on. If after hearing your mastered music you want to Re-Mix it and have me master it again, that would be and additional charge (same price of the first master). We also do not re-master a mix in different versions, because we give you the best sonic and dynamic version of your song in the first version. But if something is brother you with the master we will definitely fix it.

Analog vs Digital Mastering

Why we master (mostly) “in the box”.

When I first stated mastering I used all analog equipment. I didn’t even have a computer in the studio, though I did used some digital equipment like a Lexicon reverb.  When I finally started mix and mastering on the computer the plugin’s did not sound very good for mastering. So, I remain analog.

Over time the plugins gone better and better sounding and feeling, until one day a limiter plugin I was trying out sounded better then the analog one I was using. The client thought so too. I became a hybrid studio using both analog and digital gear.

As plugins start sounding as good or better than my analog gear I started using them more and more. I recently became totally digital for six key reasons.

  1. My digital plugins had many more controls and options over the sound, than my analog counter parts.
  2. The digital plugins sounded as good and sometimes better than the analog gear.
  3. Some plugins had their own unique sound which could not be reproduced by my analog gear.
  4. The majority of my mastered songs and albums where being played on systems that could not reproduce the sonic subtleties between the analog and digital gear.
  5. My mastering  mentors all went “in the box”.
  6. And lastly and most important my mastering clients, unanimously, preferred the digital mastered versions of there music.

So, DMP is now (mostly) “in the box”.

What Plugins are you using?

DMP uses all professional plugs:

  • UAD – All the plugins
  • Fabfilter – All the plugins
  • IK Multimedia – All T-RackS 5 plugins
  • Slate Audio – FG-X Mastering Processor and Virtual Mix Rack
  • Newfangled Audio – Elevate – All the plugins
  • Soundtoys – Effects Rack
  • Plugin Alliance -Selected Plugins
  • Waves – Selected Plugins
  • Eiosis – Selected Plugins
  • Good Hertz – Selected Plugins
  • iZotope – Selected Plugins
  • Klangheim – Selected Plugins
  • Kush Audio – Selected Plugins
  • Leapwing – Selected Plugins
  • Oeksound – Selected Plugins
  • Softtube – Selected Plugins
  • Misc….

I am constantly testing new plugins to give you the most exciting sound possible.

Does DMP do mixing also?

Yes and no. Yes we mix: Dark ambient, ambient, space music, deep listening,  dreampunk, drone music, trace, deathdream, EDM, orchestral, and jazz. No we do not mix any other types of music. Please contact me for pricing.

Have more questions please feel free to contact me.

Dark Monk Mastering Studio

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